Best 4×4 Terrain to Explore

You have finally decided to take a chance at the highly addictive pastime of 4x4-terrain-USoffloading. From rock crawling to muddin’ to the sand dunes, anyone with a big enough sense of adventure will be sure to fall in love. Luckily, there are many places across the US that allow you to take your off road machine or even rent one to have some real fun and see some once in a lifetime views! Here are just some of the more popular ones!

Best 4×4 Terrain in the U.S


Moab, UT

3 and a half hours south of Salt Lake City, this is the rock climbing capital of the US if not the world. With Jeep rentals and guides a plenty, this is a great place to start your off roading history. And it will most likely having you come back with some of the best views in the country and the sheer amount of trials for all difficulty levels. The more popular trials are the Kane Creek Trail and the White Rim Trail.

Rubicon Trail, CA

2 hours south of Reno, NV, this is the trail to go to if you want to test your off-road ability. While only 22 miles long, this is some of the most difficult rock crawling in the country requiring high amounts of skill, patience, and planning. Being difficult and busy, its not the best for a novice or someone looking to have a relaxing time. In fact, this trial is so famous that Jeep named one of its trim packages on its Wrangler SUV after this bucket list 4×4 challenge.

Silver Lake Dunes, MI

A little over an hour west of Grand Rapids, MI this is a great place in the Midwest to experience the same type of sand dunes you might think you need to go to the coasts to experience. This is the place for people who prefer sliding, jumps, and fast speeds rather than rock climbing. If you are landlocked and wish to experience the dunes life, this is the place to go.

Alpine Loop Trail, CO

A long 6 hours west of Colorado Springs, this is the exact place to go to view the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. This loop encompasses 63 miles in total and is quite easy for the novice off-roader. Although some of the more breathtaking views take a little more effort. The only con is that this area gets a lot of snow in the winter, causing some of the loop to be closed.

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest, GA

This destination is 2 hours southeast of Chattanooga, TN. Thankfully you don’t have to pronounce the name of this final route in order to experience the views that rivals the more popular west coast off roading spots. This place at the end of the Appalachian mountain chain also offers more difficult routes for those looking for memories and fun rather than pictures.

best-4x4-trailsNo matter where you are in the US, you are able to find somewhere only a couple hours away to find the views and adventures that will get you addicted to any form of off roading, if you aren’t already!



Interesting 4×4 Facts


For those of you that love four wheeling as much as I do you know that there are so many different aspects to four wheel driving as well as choosing and maintaining your vehicle.  In fact many times we start out with one vehicle and continue to build it up over time making it the most amazing and awesome 4×4 that we can imagine. More times than not we also end up spending a lot more money on the build of the vehicle than the actual vehicle value!  But hey it all comes with being a 4×4 lover and knowing what you want and how to make your four wheeling experiences stand up to your expectations. We thought for our first post we would provide some interesting facts about the 4×4 world and everything that encompasses it!

4×4 Facts

  • The word 4×4 originated in 1940 when it was used to describe North American military vehicles
  • The very first 4 wheel drive vehicle was made in 1903 by Jacobus & Hendrick-Jan Spijker
  • Both SUVs that offer 4×4 and four wheel drive vehicles have the fastest grwoing production rates in the world as of now
  • Four wheel drive describes a vehicle that has power from the engine going to ALL 4 heels instead of just two like standard vehicles.  This engine power in turn makes the vehicle a lot more powerful!
  • Land Rovers and Jeeps take the top spots for the best and most coveted four wheel drive vehicles
  • Most 4×4 vehicles are equipped with a high and low gear box so that they can drive slow or fast depending on the terrain they are on
  • Because of the different type of suspension on a four wheel drive vehicle compared to that of a regular 2WD vehicle there is more space between the wheels and the terrain which helps the 4×4 navigate better

These are just a few interesting facts about 4×4 vehicles and how they have developed over the years. While there is a lot to explore and knowledge to aquirre when diving into the 4×4 world we thought for those of you starting out this would be a nice introduction.  One thing we think is for certain is that once you dive into the 4×4 world you will wonder why it took you so long to take interest in it. Its adventurous, fun and always a good time!



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