Are You Following A Saftey Checklist Before Off-Roading?

In our last article, we talked about some of the best off-roading trails to explore during the winter season. We also briefly mentioned with winter temperatures and the snowfall it is even more important to follow safety precautions when setting out to do some 4 wheeling. That being said, anytime you go off-roading you should follow a list of protocols to ensure that you are as safe and as prepared as can be. So, what are some of the absolute basics that should always be followed no matter how skilled of an off-roader you are and no matter where you’re going?

Off-Road Prep Saftey Checklist

Tell A Friend – Like we said before it doesn’t matter how skilled of a driver you are, before venturing out on any off0roading adventure you should tell a friend or loved one exactly where you are going and when you are expected to return. That being said it is also important that you try to never deviate too far from the original plan that was communicated.

Map & Compass – Even in this day and age with GPS systems galore it is always best to take a good old-fashioned map & compass. Technology can fail us as we have often seen before. Relying on a map & compass could be your best bet in certain circumstances. This means you also need to know how to read both!

Never Go Alone – Ideally, when setting out on off-roading adventures you will want to go with a team. However, if this is not possible you should always go with at least one other person and never completely alone!

Water, Water, Water – Not only should you take plenty of drinking water for your planned trip you should take extra as well. And while you’re taking more water you should also pack extra food & snacks just in case. It may seem like a hassle when you are getting ready to go but should you ever get stuck or stranded you’ll definitely appreciate that extra food & water.

Have A Way To Communicate – Cell phone signals don’t always work when you are in the mountains so it is also highly advisable to carry a CB or Ham radio with you on any off-roading adventure but especially those up in the mountains.

While there are also a number of other steps to follow these are the ones we deem most important for every off-roader. While off-roading is meant to be enjoyed and fun it can also be hazardous, or things might not go as planned. Being prepared and educated on the safety precautions to take before each adventure can make all the difference.