Most Common 4X4 Repairs

Off-road four-wheeling is one of the greatest hobbies to engage in. There is something about not only building your 4×4 vehicle but also about taking it out on those rocky dirt roads or rugged terrain and seeing just what it can do! Along with all the joys of off-road four-wheeling comes all of the maintenance and repair issues that occur. While these repairs and maintenance are no drivers favorite part it all comes with the territory, or should we say terrain!

While there is plenty of off-road terrain to be found in the desert states such as Nevada, Arizona, and California as well as rockier states like Utah and Colorado the same holds true from all types of 4X4 vehicles, they all suffer from these common problems. Phoenix auto repair specialist, John goes into detail about what parts have the most issues and why,

Most Common Off-Road 4X4 Vehicle Repairs


While tires are an intricate part of any vehicle they are especially so for off-roading four-wheel-drive vehicles. Not only do you have to maintain the health and wellness of your tires for the best ride and the most important, safety precautions but also because your tires play a big role in the wear and tear of your suspension & steering components. Big tires & wheels have a negative effect on both of these components and are a supporting factor in the repair of these vital vehicle systems.

Suspension Components-

Speaking of your vehicle’s suspension, these parts tend to wear out after a lot of rocky, bumpy and pothole-filled terrain drives that are associated with off-road four-wheeling. Your suspension system components affected include the bigger parts such as the struts and shocks, as well as, the smaller pieces such as ends, bearings, tie-rods, and bushings. Repair or replacement needed of the smaller parts can also create issues with the bigger parts, so keep that in mind says, John.

Steering Components-

These components are often thought of as a “weak” link. While there are different joints your front axle might have a very universal and commonly used one id the Single U-Joint. These joints are made with a lot of strength but after being utilized for extreme angles they tend to show wear-out and become weak needing replacement.

Braking Components-

A very important part of any vehicle is its brake components. Making sure they are well maintained and cared for will help to ensure optimal safety when out off-roading. A lot of the time mud, dirt, and road-debris can tend to get sandwiched between the brake pads & the rotors wearing out your brakes at an increased rate, as well as decreasing their performance. Rocks also tend to harm your brake components by chewing up and wreaking havoc on your brake pad surfaces.

Shaft Seals-

Seals are meant to keep things sealed. What happens when there is damage to your seals? The things you want to be kept in get out and the things you want to be kept out get in. Meaning the lubricant important for the function of your engine and vehicle can escape through broken seals and dirt and road-debris you need to keep out can also get in through these broken seals causing a doubly bad issue.

While it is safe to say that you will face one of these issues with your passion for off-roading the better you stay ahead of them or the speed in which you have them repaired will make all the difference in cost and the quality of your driving. If you aren’t able to make repairs yourself make sure that you have aligned yourself with a professional & experienced mechanic or repair shop to help ensure that your vehicle repairs are done right!


Off-Roading Aftermarket Parts

The automobile market has always been filled with aftermarket parts, ever since the car was invented people have been looking to invent new and unique ways to customize their car either for performance or cosmetic reasons. And one of the biggest markets for aftermarket parts is the off-road industry. They are always looking for bigger tires, more travel in their suspension, and other options that just make their off-road vehicle more functional and cooler looking. Here are some of the more common aftermarket upgrades for off-roaders.

  • Suspension- The first mod many want to do is to add a lift kit to their off-road vehicle. While this is a great first step, there are so many high tech suspension upgrades that will help your vehicle not only get more , but also make your ride more comfortable and more capable. On top of that, it is cool to see big springs and shocks behind those big tires, which brings us to our next upgrade. 
  • Wheels/Tires- Not only do bigger tires look cool, but they also provide a lot of function in helping your vehicle navigate the tough conditions. You can give your wheel a powder coating to protect it as well as give your off-roader a customized look. And bigger tires allow your off-roader to look more like a monster truck dominating over every other car on the road or dirt.
  • Off-Road Lights- Off-road lights are used just like normal headlights, except they are usually mounted on the roof or the grill of the off-roader. This gives them the extra light needed to see past all the dirt, mud, and dust that might get in your way. Because the last thing you want is to crash in the middle of nowhere.
  • Air Intake Snorkels- This upgrade is mainly for people who go off-roading in the water where their vehicle usually goes a whole tire depth in water. And this isn’t good for the air intake to be sucking up water instead of air as it will lead to your engine dying. So mounting an air intake above the roof allows your engine to get the air it needs while traversing rivers or even small ponds.
  • Winch- This is essential for off-roaders as if you get stuck, you will need something else to help you to get out. And sometimes another vehicle isn’t even able to help you That’s where the winch comes in as it allows you to pull your off-roader out even the most extreme conditions as long as it is attached to something secure like a big tree.
  • Skid Plate- Finally, off-roaders need to protect vital components such as the oil pan, radiator, and drivetrain against all the rocks that might come out of nowhere when you are claiming up or down a hill.

Interesting 4×4 Facts


For those of you that love four wheeling as much as I do you know that there are so many different aspects to four wheel driving as well as choosing and maintaining your vehicle.  In fact many times we start out with one vehicle and continue to build it up over time making it the most amazing and awesome 4×4 that we can imagine. More times than not we also end up spending a lot more money on the build of the vehicle than the actual vehicle value!  But hey it all comes with being a 4×4 lover and knowing what you want and how to make your four wheeling experiences stand up to your expectations. We thought for our first post we would provide some interesting facts about the 4×4 world and everything that encompasses it!

4×4 Facts

  • The word 4×4 originated in 1940 when it was used to describe North American military vehicles
  • The very first 4 wheel drive vehicle was made in 1903 by Jacobus & Hendrick-Jan Spijker
  • Both SUVs that offer 4×4 and four wheel drive vehicles have the fastest grwoing production rates in the world as of now
  • Four wheel drive describes a vehicle that has power from the engine going to ALL 4 heels instead of just two like standard vehicles.  This engine power in turn makes the vehicle a lot more powerful!
  • Land Rovers and Jeeps take the top spots for the best and most coveted four wheel drive vehicles
  • Most 4×4 vehicles are equipped with a high and low gear box so that they can drive slow or fast depending on the terrain they are on
  • Because of the different type of suspension on a four wheel drive vehicle compared to that of a regular 2WD vehicle there is more space between the wheels and the terrain which helps the 4×4 navigate better

These are just a few interesting facts about 4×4 vehicles and how they have developed over the years. While there is a lot to explore and knowledge to aquirre when diving into the 4×4 world we thought for those of you starting out this would be a nice introduction.  One thing we think is for certain is that once you dive into the 4×4 world you will wonder why it took you so long to take interest in it. Its adventurous, fun and always a good time!



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