Best Off-Roading Winter Terrain

Off-roading during any season makes for a great outdoor & 4 wheeling adventure. Depending on the trails you explore, there is always beautiful scenery & incredible terrain. But there is something about off-roading during the winter season that makes for an even better adventure. In fact, some of the best off-roading adventures take place all over the United States because of awesome trails like the following:

Big Horn Mountains – Wyoming

This terrain is filled with great valleys and rolling hills which are beautiful all year round. However, with the snowfall in winter, the terrain is even more beautiful to explore. And there is a ton of terrain to cover at that. The Bighorn National Forest offers more than 1500 trails and 32 campsites for those looking to spend some time there. 

Big Bear Lake – California

Even though this lake is close to San Diego, it is still high enough up in the San Bernadino Mountains that it gets snow during the winter season. With lots of hidden rocks and boulders, it can get pretty treacherous in some spots. But with many 4×4 trails and old logging roads dedicated to the off-road enthusiast, there are adventures to be had for all levels of drivers.

White Mountains – New Hampshire

The White Mountains are part of the Appalachian chain, which is known for it’s horrible & often dangerous winter weather. Because of the heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures, and dense fog, the trails found here can put even the most skilled off-roaders to the test. If venturing into the White Mountains it is highly advised that you have the right essentials and off-roading equipment. Not to mention heavy-duty off-roading tires to even have a chance in the snow.

Black Hills National Forest – South Dakota

Great off-roading terrain can be found here with miles and miles of trails to explore. The terrain is also groomed, mapped, and maintained which is great for beginners. You are able to enjoy high altitude views and with 3,600 miles of road of which 700 miles is dedicated to off-roaders, you are sure to find a trail and views you love. 

The bottom line is there are so many incredible trails to explore for all skill levels of off-roaders. The main thing to keep in mind is safety when setting off on any off-roading adventure. And during the winter months with freezing temperatures and oftentimes lots of snow, safety measures have never been more important to follow.